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Access Remote Coaching


How to access our remote coaching services?

Accessing our remote coaching is a relatively simple process.

1. Firstly Contact Us to discuss your specific requirements.

2. We will provide you with easy to follow instructions for the best way to film your shooting, how to send us your videos and how to pay for your remote coaching service.

3. Send us your video clips using one of the options below.

4. We prepare your instructional video lessons; upload them, and then email you links so that you can view them in either HUDL Technique, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer plus share them with your coaches or teammates.

(*A phone or Facebook Messenger service is also available should you require further clarification or assistance with your lessons)

Video clips can be forwarded to Shoot'n Hoops via the following 3 methods:

1. Simply upload your video files using our secure Client Video Upload Form (see below).

Use the form to also provide us: 1. The name of the shooter, 2. The type of shot (i.e. Freethrow or Jumpshot)  

(*Note: Your uploaded video files remain private and are only able to be viewed by Shoot'n Hoops).

2. As a message attachment via Facebook Messenger   

3. Via you creating a "free" HUDL Technique account (see below). 

1. Client Video Upload Form

2. Facebook Messenger

Send your video clips directly to Shoot'n Hoops from your device's camera roll via Facebook Messenger .  


3. Create a Hudl Technique Account

1. Download the free Hudl Technique app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google play (Android).​


2. Open the Hudl Technique app. If you have a Hudl account, you can use your Hudl username and password to log in.

3. If you don’t have a login, tap on SIGN UP to create a new account.

Record a Video

Click here for instructions

Import Video from Camera Roll or Gallery

Click here for instructions

Tag and Share Videos

Click here for instructions

Share and Export Videos

Click here for instructions


Contact Us for further information about our remote coaching service. 

*Detailed, easy to follow, step by step instructions are provided to remote coaching clients.

To purchase Remote Coaching sessions click here.

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