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Shooting Coaching (Live) - Pricing


We provide a range of live specialist shooting coaching services, including:

  • Individual coaching

  • Small group or team coaching

  • Specialist shooting clinics/camps


See table below for indicative pricing/hour/participant for individual and group or team live coaching.

Daily coaching/consultancy rate

Contact us to discuss our daily flat rate for coaching/consultancy services as a more cost effective option for clinics/camps.

*Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and (GST Inclusive).​

* A quotation for group sizes greater than 20 participants can be provided upon request.

To purchase Live Coaching sessions click here.

Terms of Service (Live Coaching)

Below are our terms of service for provision of our "live" coaching services; please read these terms carefully prior to engaging our services.

Payment Terms 
Payments for coaching services are to be made prior to the day the service is provided.

Cancellation Policy
We request that if a client cannot attend a booked session they please provide 48 hours notice. Failure to provide 48 hours notice may incur a 50% cancelation fee.

Additional charges (If we come to you):
We are able to travel to deliver our coaching services, however (not unlike consultants in other industries) additional charges for travel or accommodation related expenses, travel time allowance and also court hire fees may apply if coaching is required to be conducted in remote venues. A quotation can be prepared for these additional expenses upon request!

*Provision of coaching services subject to acceptance of terms of service.

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