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Perfect Form® Finder is the world's first wearable biomechanical feedback, training device designed specifically for developing a "one-motion" basketball shooting form.

Perfect Form® Finder

The Perfect Form® Finder is the world's first multisensory biofeedback shooting training aid specifically designed to assist players learn and master the concepts of correct shot plane, shooting pocket height, one-motion versus two-motion shooting form, summation of forces and optimal speed, rhythm, and flow for the most simple, comfortable, repeatable and efficient shooting form for a range of distances.

Learning, practicing, and mastering the Perfect Form For You can be frustrating when you have ingrained habits (called muscle memory) of inefficient shooting mechanics.

Often when trying to practice "the right way", without realising it, muscle memory can take over and without realising it, you can find yourself repeating the same errors, further ingraining poor mechanics.

The Perfect Form® Finder is designed to overcome this, serving as a wearable constant reminder of how to shoot with optimal biomechanically efficient form, making every practice rep and every practice shot count towards breaking old habits quickly and fast tracking your development of new, efficient, optimal shooting form!


Perfect Form® Finder - Practice With Purpose!

Available exclusively below for $79.95 Including GST (plus postage/shipping)

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