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Gift Voucher Information

Simply purchase the number of remote shooting analysis and coaching sessions you require and provide us the following required information for your gift voucher:
1. Who is the gift voucher "from"?
2. Who is the "recipient"?
3. What greeting/message you would like displayed on the gift voucher?
Example: "Happy Birthday Johnny; we hope you enjoy this/these coaching session/s and hope what you learn helps you someday achieve your basketball goals and dreams.... Love Nan and Pop xx" 
Basketball Shot Coach™ Remote Coaching Sessions
Single remote coaching sessions are $100 per session, or 10 sessions for $900.
*Same pricing applies for Zoom (Real-Time) Remote Coaching Option.
Note: Partner, group or team Zoom sessions are also available but priced differently according to the number of participants.
About Basketball Shot Coach™ Remote Coaching Service
Basketball Shot Coach™ offers a unique remote specialist shooting analysis and coaching service for players and coaches of all levels.
Players, parents or coaches, provide us with video clips for analysis and remote coaching. We provide filming tips and instructions for capturing the best quality videos.
Our remote video analysis and coaching communications are facilitated via an industry-leading online coaching platform combining user-friendly, in-app video capture and exchange, advanced video analysis tools, and chat messaging to facilitate simple, seamless real-time communication between us and our clients.
Chatting and sharing of video clips are seamless and intuitive, and as easy and natural as a text-message conversation.
A key strength and point of difference of our remote coaching service is the way we incorporate our unique, computer-simulated, Perfect Form© video models into our remote coaching sessions.
Our video models are anatomically and biomechanically perfect animated visual representations of what we believe to be the simplest, most comfortable, and most efficient shooting form.
Basketball Shot Coach™ have developed Perfect Form© videos for free-throw shooting, short-range, mid-range and long-range jump shooting.
During our remote on-court sessions we conduct a side-by-side analysis of your videos to compare your form to Perfect Form and produce detailed instructional videos. Videos include expert instructional voiceover and prescription of appropriate exercises/drills/coaching cues to help you understand and facilitate the changes required to improve your shot mechanics, master the PERFECT FORM for you, and help fast track your shooting form development.
Using remote coaching platform, our coaching communications can either be private “one-on-one” with just the athlete or can include others like parents, trainers, or other coaches in the conversation as well to permit multiple inputs; or even shared among a group or team.
Basketball Shot Coach™ remote coaching service combines our years of shooting coaching expertise with our unique suite of state-of-the-art remote coaching and learning tools to assist any player, anywhere to learn, understand and master the Perfect Form for them, remotely!
Real-time Remote Coaching Via Zoom
One-on-One or group coaching or coach education lessons are also available via Zoom video conferencing providing a real-time, interactive, and extremely effective remote learning experience.
Simply purchase the number of remote shooting analysis and coaching sessions you require here and advise us if you would prefer the Zoom (Real-Time) Option.
For further information call us on +61417005565

Gift Voucher - 10 x Remote Coaching Sessions

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$900.00Sale Price
  • Gift vouchers must be used within 12 months from the date of purchase.

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